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Trelan Holder is a knowledgeable and dynamic presenter. Her courses are a great way to obtain Social Work CEU in the non- traditional classroom setting. The course content is thought provoking which elicits great group discussions. Renew Perspectives will be my source for all my Social work requirements!

Terri-Ann O’Sullivan, LCSW, CCRN, RN

Psychodynamic Theories
A great overview and refresher course
Highlighting succinctly the theories of Freud, Erikson and followers – on how individuals make sense of relationships, experiences and see the world.
A balanced approach to the topic focusing on strengths and limitations as well as application in clinical as well as more practical “casework” practices.
Highly recommended

Heather Martin, LMSW Behavioral Health, Case Manager

Compassion Fatigue
Very interesting and informative workshop.

Maria Martillo, LMSW, Case Manager
Global Uncertainty Amidst COVID-19: Impact on Health Outcomes (Self-Study)

The information provided in the training was very helpful. It certainly enhanced my knowledge as a professional. I liked how the training focused on various aspects of social economical and mental health globally. The information regarding increased abuse and neglect and associated helpline numbers were a valuable addition.

Veera Mookerjee, Ph.D., LMSW, Care Manager
This training was very informative and helpful. Would encourage this training if you need clarity on specific questions surrounding COVID 19 (i.e. incubation period, latest updates on symptoms, transmission).
York Campos, LMSW, Case Manager
Challenges In Telephonic Care Management (Self-Study)

I took this CEU course as part of the New York State Department of Education Office of the Professions’ requirement for licensed social workers. Free CEU classes also happens to be a staple during our annual Social Work Month celebration at my job. I found the course material and content to be well organized and appropriate for graduate level social workers. The site was easy to navigate and the slides were relevant to the topic regarding the challenges we clinicians face as providers in a telephonic care management environment. Ms. Trelan Holder, the instructor is a very seasoned and respected clinician with impeccable credentials and the course material reflects that fact.

Anthony Ebeh, LMSW, Case Manager
Great course! All concepts were presented in a concise and relatable manner. Recognizing the challenges, we as clinicians may face in the age of telephonic care management and teletherapy encourages us to become more proactive in our practice. Thank you Ms Holder for such a relevant and meaningful experience!
Melissa Cestro, LCSW, Care Manager
Impact of Health Reform on Social Work: Quality vs. Quantity

Cognitive and Developmental Learning Theories

I thought both workshops were well organized and very interesting. There is a lot to cover within those topics and I think within the two days that we met for each topic; we were able to discuss a lot and go into depth where we felt passionate. You allowed the group to help guide conversation into what they are most interested in, which kept the course flowing and interesting.

Jaclyn Spector, LMSW Case Manager, Behavioral Health
Trelan, your seminars have truly been phenomenal. While I have been in the field for a while, I have to say that I learn so much every single time. Your depth and knowledge are amazing. You are very good at reviewing more current topics in the behavioral health industry and keep the trainees in tuned with what’s going on in the world. You encourage feedback and the conversational tone to the trainings assist in keeping them very interesting and thought provoking for all involved. I look forward to attending future seminars.
Girlaine Rosier-Santos, LCSW-R, Manager Behavioral Health
I’ve enjoyed taking three CE workshops so far—Psychodynamic, Cognitive and Developmental Learning Theories, and Health Care Reform. All courses were informative and enriching. Trelan creates a supportive and engaging learning environment. She is extremely knowledgeable, insightful and has a motivational teaching style.
Kinshasha Dash, LMSW Behavioral Health, Case Manager
We were very lucky to have Trelan give workshops to the parents at our Centers. Trelan was very professional, resourceful, well prepared and engaging. She was able to talk in a way that every parent understood the topics. We really enjoyed having her!
Rivka Hazan, Family Services Supervisor

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