Workshop- Intimate Partner Violence: The Two Faces of Love (4-CEUs)


Intimate Partner Violence: The Two Faces of Love provides a post-structural view of abuse across, cultural and social norms, gender and sexual orientation. Drawing from a psychodynamic perspective, the practitioner will be able to cast a more holistic and nuanced understanding of IPV. Moreover, participants will be able to strengthen their assessment skills— identify the signs of abuse, consider evidenced-based clinical models for treating affected populations, such as trauma-focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy; and ascertain legal and advocacy resources.

Learning Objectives

Define Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Identify at-risk populations whom are affected by IPV.
Identify prevalence rates.
Identify age of onset of both victim and perpetrator (i.e. developmental stage of life at victimization, including but not limited to: stalking, physical abuse, rape).
Identify and recognize the Warning Signs of Abuse Define the 4-types of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional and economic).
Identify the challenges and obstacles of abuse (not limited to: psychological and economic entrapment, physical isolation and lack of social support, immigration status, religious belief system).
Identify ways to assess for trauma and risk factors for IPV.
Identify Interventions and Resources (counseling, health and wellness, legal and advocacy services).