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Experiences of profound joy and sadness are both rooted within a soulful place from which we draw meaning and purpose in our lives. Often, these profound experiences cause us to reflect and take inventory of our lives. Talk therapy can help us navigate through challenging life experiences. Through this introspective process we can become open to facing our fears and vulnerabilities. As we walk along the path towards acceptance and healing, we are strengthened and renewed.
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Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment

Recently Diagnosed with a Medical or Mental Health Condition and finding it hard to cope and adapt?

Talk-therapy also known as “psycho-therapy” is a form of treatment that engages people in learning a repertoire of strategies for coping
with stress, unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.

Psycho-education can foster insight through incorporating ways to cope and adapt by learning:

  • How to recognize distressing situations that can activate symptoms and behaviors
  • How to identify coping skills
  • How to identify a problem or persistent symptoms
  • How to evaluate the utility and effectiveness of these skills

Mindfulness might best be described as a ‘way of being’ rather than a technique, using psychological terms it can be taught as a technique to foster insight and alter our relationship with our thoughts.

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Treatment Orientation and Philosophy

Humanistic and Growth-oriented: honoring the unique value of each individual’s experience.

Interpersonal Psychodynamic: building relationships and fostering insight.

Narrative: the art of self-storytelling.

Task-centered and Solution-focused: goal-oriented and flexible.

Private Pay

If you do not see your insurance plan listed below, please check with your health plan to see if out-of-network and co-insurance benefits are provided. You may be able to get reimbursed from your insurance provider for out-of-pocket costs. Renew Perspectives, P.C. will be glad to provide you with a personal statement detailing costs for clinical services rendered to assist you in this reimbursement process.

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