WHEN: January 29, 2016

Workshop- Compassion Fatigue: Heal Thyself (3-CEUs)


Compassion Fatigue: Heal Thyself explores how vicarious stress and trauma can impact a clinician’s emotional health. Consideration is given to the importance of being mindful of one’s personal wellbeing. If we are compromised with stress and experience “burn-out,” we potentially place our clients at risk of receiving less than quality support. Focus will be placed on identifying signs of secondary trauma and self-care strategies for stress reduction. Lastly the efficacy of theses integral therapy practices as a part of stress reduction for patients in clinical treatment will be considered in conjunction with other psychodynamic and behavioral modalities.

Learning Objectives

Define Compassion Fatigue also known as secondary trauma.
Identify the signs of “burn-out.”
Identify self-care strategies (mindfulness, meditation, breathing and progressive muscle relaxation).
Recognize ways to draw healthy boundaries.
Identify ways to advocate for your professional and personal needs in the workplace.
Course will provide tools of mindfulness, meditation and relaxed breathing as ways to minimize negative impact of compassion fatigue.